My Power Lead System Review

Power Lead System  Review

Over the years I’ve invested a lot of money trying different lead generation capture systems, WP plugins and services. Quite frankly, Power Lead System is a good low-cost option for beginners versus some of other programs such as Leadpages, Builderall , Clickfunnels or Kartra.

What Power Lead System offers that both Leadpages and MLSP do not, is the ability to refer this service to others and earn referral commission system that pays deeper than 1 level deep. They have a multi-level affiliate program. Yeah sort of like MLM, which is actually great if you are interested in referring it on the side.

Pure Leverage’s multi-tiered affiliate program does not have sales quotas or local meetings. If you want to simply use the service, so be it. You don’t have to refer anyone either. The referral program is there is you want to earn by recommending. So, if you’re into making money online, why in the heck would you say no to doing just that, right? Also…

I Like That PLS Includes An Email Autoresponder

In addition, PLS includes a valuable service both MLSP and Leadpages do not, and that is a fully controllable email autoresponder service. MLSP had an email autoresponder. But it was dedicated to promoting MLSP last I looked. Now, truthfully, it’s been a year since I’ve used MLSP. But, on my last visit clients were not able to control the auto-reply messages.

Leadpages in comparison requires that you add an email service account to have an autoresponder feature. Therefore, PLS saves you at least $20 a month by including the email marketing service within the membership.

Pure Leverage is the other alternative that includes an email autoresponder service. However, what I really like about Power Lead System’s email service is this: PLS includes a series of pre-written response messages ready to send to email subscribers. Therefore, it eliminates the extra work of typing up canned responses. These pre-written messages can also be edited to suit your needs. Plus, they have messages designed for many of the popular work at home and mlm companies. Pure Leverage however does not offer that time saving option.


When It Comes To Landing Pages…

Some people have compared Power Lead System to Empower Network’s blogging platform. However, EN does not have a variety of lead capture pages that can be customized to promote an individual business. EN landing pages are designed for self promotion only. So, there really is no comparison. Landing pages is an area where MLSP doesn’t compare either. Their capture pages strictly promote their company.

What PLS does have in common with Leadpages is a variety of squeeze pages or lead capture pages. PLS does not have the sophistication in landing page designs compared to Leadpages. And Leadpages has a lot more than PLS. Yet PLS has more options in squeeze pages when compared to Pure Leverage.

PLS may not have as many templates as Leadpages, but the site does allow you to modify the existing templates and even upload your own designs. It’s a fair tradeoff as PLS is a good economical choice compared to Leadpages.

Price Of Power Lead System VS Others

When it comes to price – Leadpages is more expensive. The monthly price for LP is a minimum of $37 per month if paid quarterly, a lump payment of around $111. You will also need to supply an email autresponder which can add an additional $20 and up per month from one of the popular companies. PLS is less costly to jump into for only $30 a month. And you can try it for 7 days first to get your feet wet.

Power Lead System vs Pure Leverage on price. Pure Leverage costs $24.95 and $6 less than PLS. But, here’s why I did not go with Pure Leverage based on price.

I tried a Pure Leverage account for a few days and found a troubling issue. On many of the days of the trial I wasn’t able to access the web pages of their site. Sometimes the pages were blank and empty. I had to refresh the pages repeatedly to nudge the site into displaying the web pages. And yes, I did contact the company. Now, although this might have been a temporary issue, this happened to me 4 years ago when trying PL too. What really concerned me is the idea of referring people to Pure Leverage and then having these issues reappear to others too.

I simply didn’t want to take the risk recommending it and put my credibility on the line for a savings of $6. Now, I’m sure there will be plenty of people who love the service and I’m happy for them. However, this was my experience and my choices were based on real events, not on theory or second-hand information.

What I Like The Least About PLS

This may come as a shock, but I’m going to criticize part of the PLS site. There is one spot that I’m not fond of at all and it’s this: As a new member of PLS, you are advised to follow the Getting Started path and are given, what seems like, three simple steps to use the service and then begin referring it to others immediately. They ironically even have a picture of an Easy Button.


The confusion is created within the PLS quick setup instructions. Because, the company includes an affiliate link to another site, Leads Lightening. As a new customer to PLS, without any prior knowledge of the Leads Lightening company, seeing a different company name in there is disturbing. It made me wonder if I was on the wrong website and called into question who I was dealing with.

The downside of this oddly placed affiliate link is that it opens up a new can of worms. Essentially new questions that could have been completely and 100% avoided, if the PLS people would simply stick to promoting one company at a time, Power Lead System.

Now, with all due respect, the creators of the service did a good job of making a quality lead generation system. But, when it comes to helping affiliate members to refer other members quickly, and staying focused on one product, they are lacking focus as far as I can see.

If you plan on becoming an affiliate of Power Lead System and quickly building an affiliate team, watch out! Be sure to warn every affiliate you refer, to avoid using the quick start steps and grabbing the referral link, because it’s labeled [Lead Lightening]. Strange right?

I could actually write 50 pages about how this tiny issue is a pain in the ass as an affiliate. But, I’m over it. I’ll bite my lip and simply advise everyone I refer what they really need to do when signing up, which is to use this domain and enter your username in the right place to refer people to PLS.

Would I Recommend Power Lead System?

Sure. PLS is actually good for beginners and even experienced internet marketers. Because, it allows for duplication and the lead capture templates and autoresponder service saves people time. Is it perfect? It could use improvement. But, compared to the other alternatives currently, PLS is in the upper league of convenience, features and affordability.

If you need ready-to-go, all-in-one landing pages with an autoresponder system, try PLS and open a trial account.