How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Have you ever run across an advertisement that said something like,

“FREE : See The Secret An 18 Year Old H.S. Dropout &
Former Pizza Delivery Boy Discovered That Earns
Him $3,700 Per Day Online, Even While He Sleeps.”

Below that ad it might have included a box to enter a name and email address. That was probably an advertisement for Affiliate Marketing product.

But really, would you like an opportunity to make money online, even while you sleep? How would you like a chance to get paid 24 hours a day by simply posting ads online in your spare time? An affiliate program gives you that kind of opportunity and power.

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

An affiliate program is the name given to the entire online sales referral division within a company. A company that offers an affiliate program opportunity allows people to register online and become approved “affiliates” who are allowed to share product links which lead back to the website and refer customers.

As a registered affiliate of a company you connect buyers to products by sharing a special web link a.k.a. an affiliate link, that leads to a web page where they (the customers) can make a purchase or register as a member.

If the person you refer through that assigned affiliate link buys something, then you get paid a referral commission or what is referred to as an affiliate commission. By the way, the art of promoting affiliate products is Affiliate Marketing. People who become experts at affiliate marketing are considered a Super Affiliate. Top affiliates often earn $5000 a month, $10000 a month and even $1M a year.

For example, the following companies have affiliate programs where they pay registered affiliates to send them customers. If those customers buy something, the company will then pay a referral fee to the affiliate that brought in the customer.

Companies That Have Affiliate Programs: Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay, Netflix, Autozone.

There are thousands more companies with an affiliate program and I will share some of them with you further down on this page. In the meantime, let me teach you some more basics about affiliate marketing.

What Does An Affiliate Advertisement Look Like?

There are different varieties of ads with an affiliate link. Text link, image link, video link.

Here is a basic Text Ad example: Is Your Computer Running Slow? Run this free and safe anti-virus and checkup software. It keeps computers running fast or make them faster. Click Here To Try it.

Here is an Image Ad example.

Is Your Computer Running Slow? Run this free and safe anti-virus and checkup software. It will keep your computer running fast or make it run faster. Click Here To Try it.



This was just a simple example of how an affiliate link and product are promoted. However, you need to also learn how to place the right product in front of the right people.

Are There Secrets To Mastering Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, there are many valuable secrets. This is why some people earn $10 per week and other affiliates earn $10,000 per week.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

It’s up to you and how good you get at it. There is no minimum or maximum you can make as an affiliate. As I wrote before, Affiliate Marketing is an art. Therefore, you need to learn or apply some skills and perfect whatever natural talents you have to get good at it. You already have most of the skills. You can read, write, count and make decisions.

Want To Learn How To Make Big Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Let me know if you want to know more by leaving a comment. I am ending this page for today and will return tomorrow. Today is February 13, 2020.