How To Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Ebooks

How To Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Ebooks

Let me begin by giving you a tiny tip that might shock you about the eBook publishing business. In order to sell or create eBooks, you really don’t have to know anything about the topic or even lift a finger to write an eBook. You can be totally ignorant about the topics and even terrible at writing, and still have lots of success selling eBooks. Let me show you.

“How is that even possible?” you might wonder. Well, ask yourself this, “How can you make a phone call with a cellphone and yet not know how to build a cellphone? You don’t have to know how to build something in order to make it happen. Do most people learn how to build homes before they get a home built? No.

Now Who In The World Would Pay $10,000 or even $1.00 For An Ebook?

Ever heard of Kindle? How about audio books from Audible? Those companies sell thousands of ebooks worth pennies and even thousands of dollars. There are tons of money being made creating and selling ebooks, audio books and basically digital products. Do you know what software is? It’s a digital product. There are many people in ownership positions and management within ebook / digital product companies that have zero experience on the ebook topics they sell. So, if other can people can sell ebooks I know you can too.

How Big Is The eBook Opportunity Anyway In Sales?

Check out these 2019 worldwide sales numbers, according to

  • Revenue in the eBooks segment amounts to US $14,367M in 2020.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 3.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$16,569m by 2024.
  • User penetration is 13.6% in 2020 and is expected to hit 15.9% by 2024

$14,367 million dollars in known sales of ebooks. There are even more sales that no one knows about. Paypal for example doesn’t keep track of how many ebooks were sold through their site. They just perform credit card transactions.

Ebook sales are huge and can be extremely simple to create. For example, this web page of information could be converted into a downloadable file or locked within a password protected web page and be considered an eBook.

What Is An Ebook Really?

An ebook is simply a document that contains information which usually contains any or all of the following: text, audio and video.  An ebook can be small or large in size. There are no required number of pages an eBook must contain. Think of an ebook as a book or guide, but in a digital format you can download, upload or email.

This Is How You Put Together & Sell An eBook

What you must do is find someone, or the people with the knowledge, that is willing and able to share the information with you. Next, if you don’t know how, find someone to put that information together into a sellable product for you. (I’m going to show you where to find these people by the way.)

Let me put it in slightly more detailed steps:

  1. First find someone with sufficient or expert knowledge on the topic you need for the ebook and get the information either written, video or audio recorded.
  2. Second, find someone to type up that information and converted into a digital file, if you don’t know how.
  3. Third, if you don’t have the expertise, have that information reviewed by an editor and remastered into a good quality ebook, video or audio book format.
  4. Fourth, create or leverage an online ebook distribution and selling system (like your own website store or a ebook distributor) to promote and sell the ebook for you.
  5. These steps are things that you could learn to do with a little investment of your time, or you can do the research and find people to do some of it, or all of it for you.

Did Those Steps Make Sense?

It’s not hard. It’s just a little work. Now that you know the basic steps, you have knowledge needed on how to earn $10,000 per month or just $500 per week selling ebooks. Still want to know more? Keep reading.

In addition, it should dawn on you by now that you have the option of achieving any sales goal sooner by pricing and selling the ebook at different amounts. For example, you could sell one ebook per month for $10,000. Or you could sell 10 ebooks per month for $1,000. Alternatively, you could sell 10,000 ebooks per month, for just $1 each.

I think you understand the logic by this point. Therefore, making $10k per month or even $100,000 per month is all up to how many you can sell at a certain price. Is that much money still beyond your wildest dream? Well consider this…

What If You Tried To Just Make $1,000 Per Month Selling Ebooks?

Would it help you feel like it’s more achievable if your goal was to only make $1,000 per month selling ebooks? How about earning $300 per week. That’s fine. Let that be your goal. It’s your goal. You earn as much money as you want. There isn’t any difference in how much you earn. Because, the process to create and sell your digital product will still be the same.

But, are you really going to want to limit how much you sell to $1,000 per month? You shouldn’t try to and here’s why. Once you start selling an ebook, competitor ebook sellers are going to take notice. They might try to create a similar digital product. If they do, that slice of the market is going to escape from your wallet.

Instead, what you will want to do is scale up your selling opportunities. In other words, seek out more selling outlets and more advertising avenues to generate more sales. Make as much money as possible and for as long as possible. Also, while your digital product is being sold for you online, don’t get comfortable.

Start considering or creating a second digital product, maybe a newer and more improved version of your product. Think bigger. Could you potentially convert your ebook idea into a software program or an online service with a monthly membership platform? Think bigger.

Would Knowing How Many People Are Searching For A Topic Help You?

Here’s an easy thing you can do to help you discover how many people are searching for a topic, before you attempt to create an ebook on a subject.

#1 Search online for a topic. Using a search engine, do a search using different keyword phrases on a topic. Next, look on the search results generated and look for paid advertising.

If there are no advertisements on the first page of the results, chances are it’s not a profitable topic or you are using the wrong search words.

#2. Double check to discover alternative keyword phrases. To find additional related keyword phrases use either the Yahoo/Bing keyword tool or Google’s keyword planner tools.  Again, the purpose of using these tools is to discover additional keyword phrases you might not know about and to learn how many searches per month are being done. Plus, you want to see if anyone is paying to target those keywords.

By researching this information, you can better determine if creating an ebook about a topic is worth the effort or if you need to come at it from a different angle.

For example, you might not find a market to sell an ebook on the topic of “how to fill out a home purchase contract.”  However, you will find a market for people looking for “How to generate home seller leads.” Again, you don’t even need experience about a topic in order create an ebook on the subject and sell it. You just need to know there is a demand and market for it.

Can I Share Some More Advice With You?

There are benefits to creating and selling your own ebook.  The biggest benefit is having the opportunity to set the price and earn 100% of the profit. However, you could also sell other people’s ebooks and earn 50% to 75% of the ebook price. I’m not going to get into that subject any further here. However, this type of money making method is called affiliate marketing. In the meantime, let’s continue forward.

First, Start Small Even If You Plan On Going Big

While many people imagine writing a simple ebook or digital product, other people can get really involved with their ebook creation and invest way too much time planning out it’s potential. I can tell you from experience that it’s more important to create a simple and relatively small ebook first. Because, as you experience the process of developing an ebook more ideas will come your way and so will the challenges.

There is no way for you to know in advance how well your ebook will sell or what results or value your readers will experience by reading or listening to your ebook, until after they have read it. So, this is why reader feedback is going to be very important. Ask your customers to send you their opinions and feedback. Ask them what they would like to have seen or want to see next.

Ask them what their biggest related problems are so that you can help them come up with a solution. Knowing their problems is your opportunity to create another product and then sell it to them. Let them tell you what they really want. Then, deliver it. So, sure envisioning the potential is important. However, unless you know your client’s needs, you won’t know if your plans align with their needs. Let your client’s help guide your business.

If You Want To Sell A Digital Product Take Action

Please do not shrug off this ebook income idea as fantasy. There are many people who sell much more than $10k in digital products per month. Information is the top traded product in the world and can be the cheapest product to produce. The only limitation holding you back from earning thousands per month by selling digital content a.k.a. an ebook is you.

Want to know more? I am going share with you some resources below. But before you move on, let me share with you another secret that really helped me create more than one ebook or digital product.

What Kind Of Ebook (Digital Product) Should You Create?

The universe is your limit. There is literally nothing that you can’t create an ebook topic about or digital product. My best advice for you is, start with a topic that people are willing to pay for and are looking for. Perhaps you know nothing about the topic but you have a slight interest for. You will always be more successful in accomplishing an ebook project if you have an interest in it, and even more so if you have a passion for it.

However, even if you are simply in love with the idea of making money, delegate the writing or creation of the ebook to someone else. Hire a freelance writer or an interviewer. If you want to do it yourself, contact a professional or expert with knowledge on the chosen topic and interview them with a camcorder, a cellphone or a tape recorder.

If, for example,  your topic is how to build or paint bird houses, make a video recording of all the steps and turn it into a video series. It’s a digital product so text, audio, video, pdf files, all digital mediums can be used, as long as it helps your customer enjoy the experience.

In other words, create anything you want and however you want. Just make sure your customers will be happy.

How To Inspire Unlimited Money Making Digital Product Ideas
skip this section if you already know what you want to create and have no interest in more money ideas.

Here’s a quick exercise you can do today, even if you already have an ebook idea in mind. This will help you create a list of topics to explore and you can tap into at any time. Plus, by doing this exercise it will automatically force your creativity to come up with even more sellable ideas, even when you can’t imagine being creative.

I promise you, this strategy will give you explosive results.

Do this, get 3 sheets of notebook paper. Yes, the kind you used in school with the lines. Next, write these HEADLINES at the top of each sheet. Then go line by line and enter a single idea that pops into your mind to complete each line as a sentence.

I Know How To…
I Know When To…
I Know ….Who Knows How To…

You can even start with extremely simple things like: I know how to… read English, speak English, boil an egg, cook bacon, chop lettuce, whistle, brush my hair, lift a box, floss my teeth.

If you want even more money making ideas create another sheet and start off with, I Know When… then fill that sheet up with even more ideas. You may wonder, “What will I discover?” You will come to realize that you know much more than you gave yourself credit for. Your mind and the number of things you know is mind blowing, and it’s valuable. After you grow tired of doing this for a couple of days or more, look back at what you have written and be amazed.

Below Is A Secret I Was Going To Sell Within My Own Ebook

Want to 1000x your ebook profit? Think of making income streams on a larger scale. An ebook is a digital product and therefore, anything contained with the ebook gives you the opportunity to link out to third party products and services.

Up until this very second, you might have thought ebooks are a single income opportunity. Because, you have been thinking of making money on a per ebook basis. Then, if so, you would have been unfortunately and terribly narrow minded in the profit potential.

You see, the reality of selling just one ebook gives you multiple, if not hundreds of potential income streams. Because, the power of an ebook is it’s ability to include multiple and even dynamically changing affiliate links. It’s like getting an opportunity to sell a product catalog.

Every ebook can be optimized to generate repeat profitability. One ebook sale for $5, $100, $1000 can potentially create thousands of dollars in profit per month for you.

So, imagine this. Even if you really sucked at selling an ebook and never sold one, you could still make a ton of money by giving it away for free! Again, because within the ebook, if you optimize it with affiliate links, you then have a big opportunity to make sales referrals.

If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing or an affiliate link, then you should read my page on that subject. Because, maybe then, you will be one hundred thousand times more excited about ebooks.

Have You Discovered Anything Helpful So Far?

If so, here are  some resources and tools to help you continue forward.  These resources can improve the quality of your digital products, help you create even more digital products in less time or save you time and money.

Here Are The Resources:

Fiverr –  When you get to the website, from the menu, place your mouse over Writing & Translation and then choose Book & Ebook Writing.

Using this website you can hire writers to create pages of content or an entire ebook or book with a ghost writer. The writers quality of work here varies between fair to good. So, you might need to hire and test a few writers here first to discover the best person.

The primary reason for hiring a writer from here is it’s really dirt cheap compared to other online sites. You will be able to find writers charging anywhere from $5 and up.

Hire Contractors – Another low price micro project site like Fiverr.

***Tip: Before you invest a huge amount into a writer, first hire them to do a small a writing project. Review their work and then compare them to each other. By comparing you will be able to avoid losing money and be able to find the best writer.

Scribbled –  This tool can save you a lot of time. With this software you will be able to design and create ebook covers. It can also write content for you. It can import the content from a document and format it into an ebook for you. You could of course hire someone from Fiverr to create ebook covers for you too. However, this can be an alternative solution.