Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

WordPress has been a game changer for some affiliates, like me, that promote products and services through affiliate programs. I’ve sold thousands of products with wp sites. However, when I first started using WP I didn’t know the names of plugins that could have saved me time, done things faster and made selling easier.

Now, WordPress has improved over the years. But, there are much better plugins today that were unknown just a few years back. These plugins accomplish tasks in minutes that use to take months of work before. Plus, there are new tools for affiliate marketers that increase page rankings, domain authority and attract more search engine traffic. If you need some of those tools, here’s a list you may want to try for free.

Some Of The Best Plugins I Use For Product Promotion

WP Easy Columns by Pat Friedl – As it says, it will add columns easily

Add Categories To Pages by a.ankit – Pages by default do not have categories, instead you choose a parent page.

Add Content by Ephrain Marchan – It’s very helpful when you want to repeat information on the entire website, inclusing posts or pages automatically without having to make a copy of each page. This then allows you to instantly change and control content across the website from one central location.

Mango Buttons by Phil Baylog – Make nice looking rounded corner button links that stand out instead of text links

Official Statcounter by Aodhan Cullen – Keep track of all website visitors with Statcounter

Revision Control by Dion Hulse – Use less space by limiting how many revisions wp creates

Safe Redirect Manager by Taylor Lovett – Redirect old urls to new urls using proper HTTP Status Codes

Duplicate Post by Enrico Battochi – Easily create copies of wp pages and posts

Better Analytics by Digital Point – Connect your site to Google Analytics

Ultimate Nofollow by bitacre – Add nofollow command to specific links, instead of the entire site or page

Affiliate Specific Plugins

Thirsty Affiliates – Create affiliate links to hide the true source

WP Product Review by Themeisle – Let visitors add stars, percentage points, scores as review indicators on search engines

Yoast SEO by Team Yoast – Add page titles, descriptions, keyword to each page for seo

ClickMeter Link Tracking – Every link you share needs to be tracked. Use this one if you love clickmeter

These last four affiliate plugin tools have been extremely helpful in the past. Unfortunately, Thirsty Affiliates doesn’t provide the full control I want over the url. And I’ve used Yoast very well for a while but it’s not as powerful as the following seo tool you’re about to read about.

Today’s Best WordPress SEO Tool For Ranking High

If SEO is your #1 priority and you want to get quick search engine ranking with each wp website, there is actually another SEO tool that is making a big impact for affiliates. If you are not aware of this tool yet, it’s called Project Supremacy by Todd Spears.

Unlike SEO Pressor, which is fantastic and I bought, it does something really powerful. It contains features that let you harness the power of Schema markup, EXIF (the image data that tells the internet what the image is about, plus you can geo tag the image to your location which is powerful for local advertising), content curation, interlinking, keyword planning plus more to make your wp pages keyword attractive to the search engines, and get high rankings.

Now, if all of those features or terminology sounds like a foreign language, relax. The Project Supremacy tool provides easy to follow video instructions that guide you and make this tool simple to use. In fact, just watch the video below and all of this will become immediately clear to you.