Which Is The Best Email Autoresponder?

Best Email Autoresponder Service?

Are you trying to automatically email every new person in your contact list on a regular basis with either a newsletter or series of instructions? Then you need an email autoresponder so you can schedule all your messages to be sent out on specific dates for you.

Now, while there are plenty of companies out there that offer email marketing subscriber services, one thing you have to take into consideration is the deliverability rate of your messages. Because, although you might think 100% of your emails have arrived at their destination, the reality is not all emails get delivered for many different reasons. So, it’s best to use a service with a good internet reputation compared to others, so that the majority of your emails do arrive to most of your people and on time.

If you are a beginner or fairly new to this type of service then I recommend that you go with Aweber. They have been around for a very long time and have a good reputation for email deliverability.

Here’s another very important reason Aweber is a considered one of the best email marketing companies for internet marketers. They provide a Single Optin email subscriber step.

Have you ever entered an email registration form and then asked to go back to your email box and confirm accepting emails?

Sometimes, you might have noticed either automatically being redirected to the information you asked for, or you are sent to a page where the owner of the site asks you to confirm acceptance of their email. Do you remember either of those instances? This is called a Single versus a Double opt-in step.

What Is The Difference Between Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in?

Single opt-in allows you to send people directly to any page you wish and allow people access to that page without doing anything extra. The visitor doesn’t have to wait. In addition, their email address gets recorded in a database which you can then begin emailing to. However, the only risk you run is that the visitor does not provide a valid email address.

With Double opt-in the visitor must return to their email inbox and click on a confirmation link before you have permission to start emailing them. This means that you cannot send any automatic emails. However, if they do confirm acceptance you will know that their submitted email address is valid.

Which opt-in you choose depends on what type of experience and service you want to provide internet visitors. However, with Aweber you have the option of using both.

Here Is Another Reason Aweber Makes Your Life Better

While there are a lot more features that make Aweber a great service, here’s an extremely powerful feature you should know about, before you make a final decision. This is one you may really come to like.

Let’s say that you are into coaching or training other people on email marketing, and you have written a series of emails that you want to share with all your students. Because, you want them to copy your system and have an equal opportunity to duplicate your success.

Usually you might have to copy and paste all those emails into a file and send them one by one. Then your students would have to again copy and paste each message into a brand new email message in their account. Having to do this every single time for each new email would be extremely time consuming, right?

Well, what if instead, your students could click on a couple of buttons and type in a secret code you share with them and then with 10 seconds all your email messages get transferred into their Aweber Autoresponder account?

What if within seconds, each of your students got a perfect duplicate of your email messages automatically installed into their email autoresponder account?

Would that make your life and theirs easier? How much more value could that worth to your students? Well, that is another cool feature provided with Aweber, and it comes with your account for no extra charge. Pretty cool, right? So, check it out.

You Can Test It Out For A 30 day Free Trial 

Plus, you will find that navigating the site and understanding how to do things is a lot user-friendly compared to the other services, and I only know this because I’ve really tried most of them.

But, you be the judge. Here’s the link: Aweber – Click here to get a free trial account.