Best Places To Trade Cryptocurrency

Are you just now getting started investing in cryptocurrency or want to learn how? As a former newbie myself, it took me quite a long time to understand the difference between a place to buy cryptocurrency, versus where to trade cryptocurrency. Either site can be considered a cryptocurrency exchange site. However, not every exchange site is designed with the most useful or easiest to understand features. Therefore, in order to help you locate the best place where you should start buying or trading, allow me to help you locate a list of the best overall places to trade cryptocurrency or buy cryptocurrency.

Kucoin – My first recommendation is Kucoin. Here you will be able to buy cryptocurrency.  It’s also an exchange site where you can swap one crypto for another. One of the features I like best about Kucoin is the assets reporting and trade order reporting section. This makes it easy to keep tracking of current and past assets you have either bought or deposited. The other feature I enjoy is the trading chart. It leverages the Tradingview system. So, receiving and viewing current immediate data is available. They also offer an option to buy using either a Limit, Market, Stop Limit and Stop Market order.

Use the following link to visit Kucoin and open an account totally free today.