How To Make $10,000 Per Month Selling Ebooks

Ever wondered what it would be like to see your name or book at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list ? Well, you don’t have to shoot that high to make $10,000 dollars a month. In fact, you don’t have to know how to write anything at all.

You can realistically get away with creating an ebook and not knowing anything about the subject of your ebook. That’s right.

Imagine making six figures a year and not know a lick about the content of an ebook you sell. It can be done. What do you think the CEOs of the top book publishing companies do for a living? They aren’t experts in every book topic. They just know how to get the right people to work with each other to make a sell books, ebooks too.

You Can Do The Same Thing

Let me show you how to get your ebook created and sold rather quickly. Again, you simply need to know how to connect the right people together and pay each of them for their services. You need to be the middle person, the brains behind the plan.

To create an ebook and sell it, you need to have it written and it must be worth the price people are willing to pay for it and keep it. Otherwise you’ll end up getting lots of complaints and refund requests. So, make sure it’s worth the price or a bargain.

Now, while there are plenty of topics that you can have an ebook written about, it’s better to create a product that has an existing demand which you can fill.  This is why I first recommend you begin by creating a “how to” guide or ebook, such as starting a specific business.

Get Your Ebook Idea

At first keep your top choices based on the first ideas that pop into your head. However, for the best ideas on what is in greatest demand you can use Google Trends.

Go there now and search for: “how to start a business”.

Google has the latest and best data on what people are looking for and talking about, so use it to your advantage. It’s free.

After you type in “how to start a business” you will see a chart trend, and when you scroll down further you will also see a map and further below that you will arrive at a section titled RELATED QUERIES.

That is the section you need to pay close attention to. Take a look and you will see the RISING and TOP search phrases. Click on Rising and the Top option will appear.

Below the list of phrases there will also be an arrow or more link to see additional results. Again, the reason for looking at this information is to get the best ideas on what topic your ebook should be about.  These search phrases are the top trends and it means they are in high demand. This should obviously give you ideas on what your title name should include.

Next, copy and paste these results into a different document to compile your research.  Save it into your computer some place where you can refer to it later.

Find Out How Much Monthly Demand Is For A Topic (Keyword Phrase)

The next thing you must do is get an estimate of how much demand there is per month. Find out how many times per month this keyword phrase is searched and other variations of the same topic. Again, the reason for knowing this is, you want to know whether or not enough people will want to buy your product.

There is a keyword research tool I use that is currently free, with limited use of course,  that will show you how many times per month a keyword phrase was searched (the search volume).

It’s called KWFinder. What’s so good about it is, it gives you an easy to read dashboard where it shows the search volume and the cost per click, if you wanted to pay for pay per click advertising. It also provides an easy to read graph of the current trend for that keyword phrase. You can easily tell if it’s rising or falling.

It also shows the level of competition by other advertisers. That is very important to know. Because, you will want to especially target low competition keyword phrases.

In comparison to both Google’s and Yahoo’s keyword tool this is much easier to read and it reveals keyword phrases that those search engines seem to hide from us. Anyway, you have to just try it. Click here to go there now and type in a test search for the phrase: “how to start a business”

Save this information to your computer too.

Now that you have an estimate of searches per month for all the related keyword phrases, total it up. Let’s use 5000 for example.  You now have a number to work with. 300 searches per month is good too, if the price of your ebook is high enough to earn a profit and your cost is low enough too.

Next, go online and find out how much other ebooks on this topic or a closely related topic are being sold for.  Hypothetically let’s say the average is $150. And let’s just agree for this example the topic of your ebook is “How to start a cleaning business from scratch”.

Again, this just an example. You will make the final decision.

Get Your Ebook Created

To have this ebook created you will need to first hire two skilled people to create this first product: a Writer and an Editor.

There is a very affordable place you can go to online and hire someone to write the ebook for you. This place is called Fiverr.

This website is like an online auction but for hiring people. Most jobs will cost about $5. Yeah, that’s very little money.

For this project it will likely cost you about $150 to $100 to pay someone to write a professional business plan.

It will also cost you about $5 to $10 to pay someone else to give you a “business outline” for starting a “cleaning business”.

You will want to read over the outline first and then communicate with the business plan writer to make sure the same topics are covered. Once the business plan writer delivers the final product, take both pieces of information and hire someone to re-write this “how to” ebook and edit everything for you. Hire an Editor.

It might cost you about $5 per 4000 words (8 pages) or more for this Editor.  Around $0.62 per page, at 500 words per page. To find this person search for: Editor.

Now, I don’t know what the total cost might be, but let’s guess it comes out to be $500 so far. That’s not bad. Heck even if it cost you $1000 that would be a bargain.

Once you have your ebook your next step is to sell it. You will need to hire someone from Fiverr to write your: Ad Copy. That will cost you another $5.

Your ad copy is the sales words that make people want to buy your product. Search for: Ad Copy or Sale Copy and talk to someone about what you need and tell them what your product is.

Do not send them a copy of your ebook.  Just tell them what the title is. Then let them ask you questions about it.  They can even help you come up with a cool title for the ebook.

What you want from them is the sales content that will be displayed on your Sales Web Page.  Tell them you specifically want sales copy for the sales web page.

For ideas on what a sales page looks like go to and look at a book sales pages.  Or visit an online book website.

You are going to need a virtual ebook cover. Hire someone from Fiverr by specifically searching: ebook cover. Additional price: $5.

Buld A Web Site

You now need a website to promote your ebook. Where do you get it done? Go to Fiverr and hire someone for another $5 or $10.

Next Get Ready To Make Money By Accepting Payments

So far, let’s assume that you’ve spent $700. To recover the cost of your investment, let’s build in a 30% cost per ebook. That means for every $100 ebook sold your startup cost is $30.

It will then require 23.33 ebook sales to recover (break even) your initial investment.  After that, the rest of the money coming in will be almost pure profit.

Ok, by now you have an ebook and your web page built. You now need to have a way to sell it.

Go to Paypal and create a business account. Then create a payment button to accept online payments.  Place the html code from Paypal on your sales page where people can easily see the buy button. Once people pay for your ebook redirect them to the thank you page where they can download your ebook in pdf format. Again for an idea of what a payment button looks like refer to Amazon.

If the price of your ebook is $100, subtract about $3.50 from each sale or 3.5% for paypal costs and $30 more for your initial investment cost which will make your pre-tax profit about $66.50.

To make $10,000 per month divide 10k by $66.50 and you will need to shoot for a goal of selling 151 ebooks roughly.  If you want to sell 151 ebooks a week and make $10k a week then make it your goal to sell 22 ebooks per day.


Your next challenge is to sell your ebook. There are different ways to solve this hurdle. Aside from selling your ebook personally, the best way is to join different affiliate program management companies like  Shareasale, and pay a sales commission to affiliates for referring paying customers to your site. I’d recommend you pay between 50% to 70% to be competitive and attract sales people. However, you should talk to one of the representatives there to come up with an ideal commission split.

Another place you can sell your ebook is on JVZoo or Clickbank. Commission splits there are also generally 50% to 70%. The higher the better because you want to be competitive compared to other ebook sellers and attract affiliates to sell for you. Plus, you will still have 30% left to cover costs.

If you manage to draw in 5,000 affiliates and each of them sells just one ebook for you per day, that can turn into some serious cash per month aside from what you personally sell. Also, keep in mind that other avenues exist for you to make even more money from your paying customers. This is not the end of your selling potential.

One way to help affiliates sell for you faster and better is by providing them with sales material. You can support them by providing ebook graphics for their web pages and sales ad copy for web pages and for email follow ups.  Refer back to Fiverr for an Ad Copy/Sales Copy person and tell them what you need.

You can specifically search for : email sales copy and locate people who will write emails to sell you products.  Basically, everything you need to create your ebook can be sourced from Fiverr.


Here is another idea you can easily add on to generate sales leads for your site,  this is to give away the 1st two or three pages of your ebook for free, in exchange for each visitor’s email address.

Do this by creating an email opt-in form on your web page by using Aweber. This is an email autoresponder service that will automatically send emails for you to each subscriber.

You can set it up so people enter their email address and the system will automatically email them a message. Within your automatically reply you can include a link to a downloadable pdf file that contains a portion of your ebook.

Just be sure to include copyright protection and brand it with your ebook title, logo maybe and a unique tracking link back to your website sales page. By doing it this way, you can specifically tell when a sale was generated by that free PDF (Adobe file) that you gave away.

By collecting the email address this gives you an opportunity to follow up with every subscriber as often as you wish, and also promote any additional ebooks or products to them. Get the general idea?

Of course, there are even more things you can learn about selling ebooks (digital products) to make even more sales and profit that I didn’t include here, lots more.

However, overall this is plenty of information on how you can realistically make $10,000 per month or week, by creating and selling ebooks. Now, imagine how much more money you could make by selling even more ebooks on different topics?

Be sure to bookmark this page to use it as a guide. All the key pieces you need to make this work are written here.

Best wishes!


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